Where to buy cheap tiles?

In all my years in the industry, “where to buy cheap tiles?” is the most common question from every person that I know. Friends, family and neighbors always approached me with the same opening question: Where can I find cheap tiles?

With such a simple question, I would love to be able to offer them, and you, a straight answer. However, “where to buy cheap tiles?” is a simple question but it requires an elaborate answer. To provide the most appropriate answer, multiple variables must be taken in consideration, since this is a blog and not a live chat and I can’t ask you questions, I am going to describe some of the most common cheap tiles related projects and I hope you can identify the one that fits you better. (If you need more information or have more questions, please email me).

Where to buy cheap bathroom tiles? Bathroom renovations represent 35% of the day by day home improvements in USA. Almost all bathroom renovations can be divided in four big expense groups: (1) Vanity, Toilet and Faucets (2) Plumbing Fixtures (3) Wall and Floor Tile (4) Labor. Wall tile and floor tile usually represents 10% of the total cost of the project. Saying that, I always tell my customers, do not worry about where to buy cheap shower tile or cheap bathroom floor tiles, it won’t affect your budget, you should focus in finding the ones that match your design concept and the ones that will enhance the space.

Where to buy cheap backsplash tile? Kitchen renovations represent another 35% of the day by day home improvements in USA. Even though we always need to pay attention to the budget of each project, kitchens represent the 50% wow factor in any real estate negotiation, so it is very important to make the right selection for your kitchen backsplash tile, not only for the design aspect (the average American spends at home over 80% of their awake time in the kitchen), but very important for the quality, care and easy maintenance. Always get well informed about the resistance to chemicals based on your day by day cleaning products and evaluate the texture, too much texture could be a problem for maintenance, do not let your cheap kitchen backsplash tiles become a high expense on you.

Where to buy cheap pool tile? This is the most difficult question to answer. By square foot cost, new pool construction or pool renovation is one of the most expensive cost you can face on your home improvement. At the same time, pools, spas, fountains, are always exposed to the most difficult conditions, mostly all of them outdoor projects dealing with weather and seasons, always in contact with water, chemicals and minimum day by day maintenance. For all those reasons I always wonder why someone would like to buy cheap pool tile or cheap glass tile? Always look for products frost proof and approved for wet areas. Always take into consideration the shape of your pool, if you have curvilineal designs to pay attention to the shape of the glass mosaics. Always ask your pool contractor for instructions on the right thickness and size of the mosaics.

Understanding that is not about the price, but it is about the right product with the right characteristics to provide the best performance for each application, I want to invite you to visit our online store BUY HOME TILE where you can find one of the best selection of mosaic tiles with the best prices according to each application.